Interiors / Exteriors

Interior / Exterior

Interiors / Exteriors

In our years of experience, we have come to understand that interiors and exteriors require different approaches, have different rules, and present different opportunities.

One of our products is plastic sheeting and partitions. For plastic sheets, we started with Plazit-Polygal. This became PLASKOLITE, one of the top production companies in the world for PMMA, PC, PVC solid, multiwall, and corrugated and recycled sheets. For multiwall pc panels we are working with SEPLUX Italy.

Working with other makers gives us access to a wide variety of products used in warehouses outside cities and greenhouses. 

For interiors, we provide exhibition materials, materials for server farms, and partitions for apartments, offices, shops, and of course, table partitions necessitated by the pandemic.

We are continuing to expand our variety of plastic sheeting and will continue to do so in, for example, biodegradable materials.

K.I.N Kyoto International Network

For over 20 years, the award-winning company K.I.N has been a leader in acting as a bridge between Japan, Israel, and Europe in a variety of fields of innovation and technology.

K.I.N collaborates in a wide variety of sectors; however, we research and dive deeply into each sector before entering. Our awards, certificates, and grateful letters are a testament to our effectiveness.

Using our offices and factories in Japan and Israel, we are able to provide our customers and partners in each industry with innovative solutions to ensure their satisfaction and our mutual success.

K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships


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Clients / Partners

nyk line
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K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships
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K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships
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