Water Treatment in Japan

Water Treatment in Japan

Contributing to Japan’s water treatment industry 

The water treatment sector is now welcoming innovative solutions; water treatment for quality water is both fascinating and needful. We are here to explore the options and define our role with flexibility and availability.



Problem / difficulty

Water treatment is one of the major Japanese industries worldwide. Entering the market requires creativity, patience, and a solid presence while booting on the ground for a long enough time.


Enter the market, overcoming the local competitors and loyalty to the local market, while cooperating with them and maintaining sustainability.

Water treatment in Japan


We responded to the need with increased use of cyclone sand filters. In doing so, we realized that the midsize market has potential if we can be fast and flexible with the proper solutions. Working with ODIS Filtering Ltd. made this straightforward.

About the product

One example of our response is filtering systems for golf courses. Working with midsize distributors, flexibility, and support from ODIS allowed us to brand them and become their agents and importers.


Technical Information

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ODIS-Treating Water for Life

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