Plastic Sheets

Plastic Sheets


Our history with plastic sheets starts with Polygal, Inc., which invented the now-familiar multiwall plastic sheets in 1975. They created lighter and stronger sheets. Since then, Polygal became Plazit-Polygal, adding Plazit, Inc. lines of solid PC and PMMA sheets and giving us a wider variety of plastic sheets.
When Plazit-Polygal became part of Plaskolite, together with Seplux (Italy), we became the representative of the largest conglomerate manufacturers of plastic sheets in the world.

Problem / difficulty

The plastic industry, like water treatment, is an important part of the Japanese economy and one of the most recognized within Japan. Local laws support local production, and local standards and certificates make it difficult for importers to stay in the market. The advantage is to native Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Takiron, and others. On the other hand, the constant demand for plastic materials reflects the stability of that market. The challenge in entering the market is high, but so is the reward for success.


Finding a partner or local supplier was impossible; either the manufacturers’ distributors were loyal or the Japanese market accepted products only made in Japan.


We created our own solutions and routes into the industry, which meant building a factory to cut large sheets and holding significant stock in Japan. We also involved ourselves in other parts of the supply chain in order to be competitive, such as one step from selling to local shops.

We took many jobs no other companies wanted, such as doing different and special cuts, and we made it our strategy to reach out to a variety of markets such as agriculture and server farms. We also aimed to expedite in-house and warehouse solutions.

About the product


Plaskolite products are now sold in Japan. The K.I.N.-branded “Polygal” name has been so successful that we have kept it as a general name for plastic sheets from K.I.N.

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