We partner with businesses to connect global companies and Japan, with all our partners being, for example, a JV, representative, agent, distributor, importer managing distributors, and of course, our OEM.

Please understand that partnering with another entity requires us to evaluate the potential for success, and the time and resources required can be longer than in Western countries.

Partner options usually involve options/shares and/or are success profit based. Options start from 1% to full partnership, plus other options like local JV managed by us, investments etc.

K.I.N Kyoto International Network

For over 20 years, the award-winning company K.I.N has been a leader in acting as a bridge between Japan, Israel, and Europe in a variety of fields of innovation and technology.

K.I.N collaborates in a wide variety of sectors; however, we research and dive deeply into each sector before entering. Our awards, certificates, and grateful letters are a testament to our effectiveness.

Using our offices and factories in Japan and Israel, we are able to provide our customers and partners in each industry with innovative solutions to ensure their satisfaction and our mutual success.

K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships

Clients / Partners

nyk line
inochio group
K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships
daiwa house
K.I.N Kyoto International Network business partnerships
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