Awards from IJCC & JICC

K.I.N Co.,Ltd has received awards from both JICC (2012) and IJCC (2017), showing excellent performance for InnoTech, the […]

Data Center Projects

Our products are perfect for data center projects. Top-level companies from the U.S. and Japan have contracted with […]

Project in Kurashiki, Okayama

Kamoi factory and warehouse, three years between projects, by the award-winning architectural firm TNA.  K.I.N contracted with the […]

Interior Project on TV Show “Before and After“

Upon starting our plastic sheets distribution, while starting to get into different markets, we used our sheets combined […]

Business Accelerator

Cybertech Tokyo’s third year in Japan was a challenging one. K.I.N joined to level-up the project and provide […]

Project with Nendo

Nendo, one of the top design firms in Japan and a creator of international and unique ideas, used […]

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