Our years of experience in importing and exporting in the industries supported by our factory, warehouse, office, online platform, and database enable us to offer constant support throughout the entire logistics process.
Our logistics services include importing procedures, storage, repacking, handling orders, deliveries etc. Our office supports the services backed up by our storage and factory located in Osaka by Port of Osaka and Kansai International Airport.

Over 20 years, awarded company  K.I.N has been a leading company as a bridge between Japan and Israel, while also connecting Europe too, in a variety of fields of innovation and technology.

K.I.N is collaborating in a wide spectrum of sectors, but to beat the cliche we are diving deep in each sector we are into, our awards, certifications and dozens of grateful letters are our testimonials.

We provide our customers and our partners with services in each industry that are constructed with our office and factories in Japan and in Israel through innovative solutions for customers and partners' satisfaction and our mutual success.

Clients / Partners

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