As a totally different sector dealt with separately by staff which is mostly foreigners, we run a complex of few Japanese Machiya guest houses (traditional wooden houses) with restaurants in between. All located in the heart of Kyoto – just between Kyoto station & Gion.

Our complex called Gojo Paradiso Homes, restaurant and Bar and it divided to 3 separate parts – 

Gojo Paradiso Homes

Gojo Paradiso Restaurant & Bar


Over 20 years, awarded company  K.I.N has been a leading company as a bridge between Japan and Israel, while also connecting Europe too, in a variety of fields of innovation and technology.

K.I.N is collaborating in a wide spectrum of sectors, but to beat the cliche we are diving deep in each sector we are into, our awards, certifications and dozens of grateful letters are our testimonials.

We provide our customers and our partners with services in each industry that are constructed with our office and factories in Japan and in Israel through innovative solutions for customers and partners' satisfaction and our mutual success.

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Gojo Paradiso Homes

Tourism – Maintain Sustainability During the Off-Seasons Japan has its crowded tourist seasons during the amazing spring, colorful […]

Gojo Paradiso Homes, Restaurant & Bar

Tourism – Maintain Sustainability at off Seasons Picks at parts of the amazing spring, beautiful autumn, green summer, […]

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