Case Studies

Case Studies


MITSUI ONNETSU – Effective self-care therapy device from Japan


Tech and Innovation

We have created a sustainable system with a platform for international collaboration, driven by customers’ success and a holistic approach that bridges business and cultural gaps. In practical terms, this means creating business opportunities among Japan, Israel, and other countries through onsite support, seminars and global events and having “boots on the ground” as branches. Business development is our passion; it is in our blood and something worth living for as a mission, as we contribute to a better, more cooperative world.

Water Treatment in Japan

Contributing to Japan’s water treatment industry 

The water treatment sector is now welcoming innovative solutions; water treatment for quality water is both fascinating and needful. We are here to explore the options and define our role with flexibility and availability.



Gojo Paradiso Homes

Tourism – Maintain Sustainability During the Off-Seasons

Japan has its crowded tourist seasons during the amazing spring, colorful autumn, and green summers, but what about the in-between times? The off-season adds up to six months every year. Our solution is to create great experiences around the ryokan. For example, in winter, we had “Country Night”—different countries shared their local food, drink, and culture. By creating events in the off-season, we help sustain tourism year-round.


K.I.N Rust Prevention Solution

The Solution to End Corrosion Everywhere  

To prevent corrosion at its core, we deliver a solution that treats the metal effectively in a safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way with the revolutionary product, CORRIZON. Corrizon is a gold green solution (UL standard grade 4) which means you can actually drink it! We are not just protecting the metal. We treat it.


Plastic Sheets


Our history with plastic sheets starts with Polygal, Inc., which invented the now-familiar multiwall plastic sheets in 1975. They created lighter and stronger sheets. Since then, Polygal became Plazit-Polygal, adding Plazit, Inc. lines of solid PC and PMMA sheets and giving us a wider variety of plastic sheets.
When Plazit-Polygal became part of Plaskolite, together with Seplux (Italy), we became the representative of the largest conglomerate manufacturers of plastic sheets in the world.

Drip Irrigation

K.I.N Agri Solutions

As the world began to know about Israel’s amazing innovation, drip irrigation for agriculture, we assumed it would be easy to penetrate the Japanese market. Perhaps in the 1950s when it was first invented, but now there are manufacturers from all many countries, with a wide variety of products and qualities. We faced challenges entering this sector as well.

Mapal Efficient Solution for Greenhouses


Mapal’s polypropylene troughs, drainage gutters, and hanging gutter systems are designed for growing vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries and other berries efficiently. These modular systems are constructed to facilitate plant growth, collect drainage, and recycle water and nutrients. They can also serve different sterilized systems and enable better replanting conditions.
In the past few years, organic and biological growers have been using Mapal’s special troughs in greater and greater numbers.

Polycarbonate Panels

K.I.N Interior Exterior PC Panel Solutions


While we K.I.N were developing our plastic sheets as interior/exterior solutions, we encountered new stylish polycarbonate panels from Italy called Seplux, and included them in our lineup. Aside from its design, Seplux has unique advantages, such as tongue-and-groove joints and co-extruded polycarbonate. This innovative material has helped to change the urban landscape. The Seplux panel system allowed us to create long walls smoothly, which was a great advantage when rebuilding external walls for warehouses and external and internal walls for offices.


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