Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator

Cybertech Tokyo 3rd year in Japan was a challenging year and we, K.I.N, joined as “power-up ” and “boots on the ground”. K.I.N got in, went deep into re-preparations, development, filling gaps as a bridge between Cybertech and Japanese entities, including local organizers, media etc.

Expanding the network expediently and Significantly.

We also implemented a creative 2nd day with inspirational and motivational speakers that attracted the proper attendees which kept the event fully booked and closed with great success.

Also, following the Abraham accord opens 3 ways collaboration opportunities, the Israel-Japan-UAE options.

As part of that agreement we are also exclusive agents of Gisec Global in Japan.

We are expanding with other global events including our own events and conferences to accelerate business collaborations.

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