The awarded Japanese company K.I.N. Co.,Ltd was established in 2001. Since its inception, K.I.N has utilized strong roots in Israel, overseas and Japan and is now expanding to other countries to promote a borderless, multinational approach to businesses. From the innovative business and startups, through a variety of high Israeli and global products as industry-leading efficiency in agriculture, interior and exterior, water treatment and anti-rust innovation K.I.N is not only connecting Japan and Israel, overseas but also providing services by our offices and factories in Japan and the office in Israel throughout innovative solutions for our customer’s and our partner’s satisfactions and success.

Our Core Values


As we are in the middle, connecting cultures as well, we commit for integrity and we expect too, for a long term sustainable business relationship.


We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.


Is the core of our activities, otherwise we would not be able to develop and accelerate businesses in Japan over 22 years.


We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.


If we think there is a way, we will find it.


We are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Words from our CEO, Mr. Yaron Mishly




So much is said about Japan, so fascinating, interesting, different, mysterious too and so much more, no wonder why it attracts all nations, me included.
The beauty, the culture, the nature of the people of Japan etc. But I would like to emphasize points in Japanese culture that we should all embrace.

– Respect the others – give the other person space, priority, comfort and so much more.
– Do your job properly – there is a reason why “Made in Japan” is still one of the strongest Nations’ brands. Perfectionism is a great part.
– Unite & listen when needed – Japan contributes to the world for many decades while holds great above water in many recession years because of those abilities and the belief in Japan made products, that is also what’s been said and taking them to the new phrase, the phrase to blend globally more, to collaborate, to invest. The time is now.

Valuable Strategic Market

Beside the economical strength of the 3rd country, in fiscal terms, Japan must be a Nation. Whether your interest is to collaborate, cooperate or looking for investments, Japanese market as part of your portfolio will raise your shares value, saying, if you can do it in Japan, you can do it anywhere.
And, a kind of quality approval, saying, if you managed to pass the Japanese procedures to success, you must have something that others can trust.

Whether you are worried because it takes time, that the challenges are high, that preparation takes time, you are right. That is why we recommend you to start with Japan at the same time you develop other global markets through local Business developers that have wide long experience, that have physical existence in Japan with back upped with facilities to match the Japanese services, database to spread online or create the exact match. Biz developers that can lead the process, deal with the worries, the culture gaps, while helping you just get in this amazing adventure as much as you are interested. Besides, To be in Japan is like even eating from the apple, your life will never be the same.


Yaron Mishly, CEO


About our CEO:

Mr. Yaron Mishly is an global-minded entrepreneur, who specializes in creating meaningful business connections between west and east.
In 2001, Mr. Mishly founded K.I.N Co.Ltd., a company specializing in bringing Israeli, global innovation to the Japanese market, and took part in the successful importation and retail of various global technologies. K.I.N also provides many other services to support companies in their endeavor to access the global market, such as logistics and assistance in bridging cultural gaps.
Mr. Mishly, lived and study with his family in Japan since 2000, which followed his prior visits as a buyer and traveler since 1988

Our Vision

Connecting is Our Core
Contribute massively to ease the connection between Japan and overseas through innovation, technology, common interest and curiosity.

We connect global partners to engage with Japanese entities for mutually successful business ventures. Supported by our multiple strengths in global backgrounds, we seek to be a major connection hub between Japan & global, make Japan more accessible and expose its beauty.

We put our customers & partners at the best of everything we do with a flexible array of services to let all business spirit fly.

We always seek ideas & solutions to fuel all in order to embrace all the potentials around us with our global business spirit between the Nations.

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