Hostels & Guesthouses

Gojo Paradiso Homes started as a gaijin house with a important vision, to be a home a way from home for foreigners here in Central Kyoto. In the beginning we slept in a Ryokan (Japanese inn) and used the Sento (public bath similar to an Onsen but in the city) in this quiet neighborhood. Now the neighborhood flourish with coffee shops, restaurants, Ryokans and backpacker hostels but it is still quiet, just as the Khaosan road in Bangkok was 25 years ago. 


Today, we manage 7 houses in the same area, doing what we love, living among travelers and enjoying the freedom of travel at home. As travelers for the past 20 years, we try to give others what we think makes a difference when traveling abroad: a HOME rather than a guest house, comfort above formality, freedom without chaos, expect nothing and get everything; Japanese style. Thank you all for the letters and appreciation, it surely motivates us to continue.

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